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Gender Sensitization

Gender Sensitization

The Cell for Gender Sensitisation and Prevention of sexual harassment in College [CGSPSH] was formed in 2007 following the UGC directive. The structure and composition of the cell is as directed by the UGC guidelines and the constitution is primarily based on the  ” Bishakha guide lines”. The Cell takes up regular awareness programmes on Gender Sensitisation and Gender Equity through seminars, workshops, poster sessions in which students, teachers and all other support staff actively participate. Awareness-posters on gender issues are displayed at various places in the campus viz. canteen, common rooms, library and corridors.

 Measured initiated by the institution for the promotion of gender equity

Following the UGC directives, Bhairab Ganguly College is one of the pioneering institution in the State to constitute a Cell for Gender Sensitisation and Prevention of Sexual harassment in College [CGSPSH] in the year 2007. The constitution was framed following the Vishakha guidelines. The Cell takes up awareness programmes (seminars, poster sessions, workshops) on Gender Sensitisation on a regular basis. Awareness posters on gender equity, human rights, prevention of sexual harassment are permanently displayed at the canteen, students’common rooms, library and corridors.

In addition, this College is one of the few having a Women’s Studies Unit from 2016 in compliance with UGC XIIth Plan where a majore initiative was taken to create departments and centres of Women’s Studies in educational institutions all over India to facilitate the empowerment of women through targeted interventions and research. The primary role of the Women’s Studies Unit in Bhairab Ganguly College is to assimilate knowledge and transmit it through research and documentation. It functions in bridging the gap between the theory of gender and gender in practice. The field action programmes are often undertaken in collaboration with the Gender Sensitisation Cell and NSS unit of the College, with the objective to create a general awareness regarding gender issues among men and women alike, in pursuing a gender-just society.


  • On 7th February, 2017 the Cell for Gender Sensitisation and Prevention of Sexual harassment in College [CGSPSH] organised a day long workshop entitled “enough is enough” in collaboration with SAPPHO, a NGO. The prime focus was on gender, sexuality and social construction of gender. Students(50), teachers and some NTS staff members attended it.
  • 7th to 9th February, 2017 a poster display session was organised by the Women’s Studies Unit and Cell for Gender Sensitisation and Prevention of Sexual harassment in College [CGSPSH]. Fifteen posters on gender related issues and gender equity were prepared and put up by students. 
  • In celebration of International Women’s Day 2018, the Women’s Studies unit invited speakers from SPAN (NGO) to hold an interactive session with the students of the college to discuss the role of youth for a gender-just society.
  • The college has signed a MOU with SPAN for 2018.Two orientation programmes were conducted by SPAN to motivate our students to mentor atleast two students each from slums in Kolkata and the suburbs. Many NSS volunteers enthusiastically participated in the programme.
  • On 04.10.2018, The Women’s Studies Unit invited eminent human rights and women rights activists and academicians to put forth their views in a panel discussion on “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”. The students and teachers added new dimensions to the day long discussion through their well-thought out questions and comments.
  • A poster display session was inaugurated on 4.10.2018 by the distinguished TV(Doordarshan) journalist Mr. Snehashis Sur and Prof. Swati Ghosh, Director of Women’s Studies Centre, RBU. Twenty Awareness posters on gender equity were prepared by students and displayed on boards for a week to create general awareness on the issue amongst all cross sections. CGSPSH and Women’s Studies Unit jointly organised it.
  • A poster competition entitled “Breaking the silence against gender violence” was held on 06.3.2020 as a part of celebration of Women’s day. Prof. Sukla Basu of Viswa bharatai University Judged the posters.




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