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CRC lectures Series

CRC lectures Series

A college research colonial has been founded to give exposure to the teachers from various fields to most up-to-date interdisciplinary research methods and courses.


1 Dr. Rajesh Koner 2 Sri Laki Molla (Jt. Convener)
3 Dr. Ushri Roy (Jt. Convener) 4 Dr. Aftabuddin Ahammad

COLLEGE RESEARCH COLLOQUIUM (CRC) Lectures Previous and Current Academic Session


45 10th October, 2023 Mr. Sourav Ghosh Faculty, Department of Electronic Science Rare earth elements such as Europium and Samarium incorporated glasses and their applications in manufacturing optoelectronic devices
44 26th September, 2023 Dr. Pritam Roy Assistant Professor, Incharge, Department of Botany Soil microorganisms, function and their role in soil fertility
43 22nd August, 2023 Dr. Arnab Ghosal Assistant Professor, Department of Sanskrit Controlling of Mind according to Upanishad উপিনষেদর আলেক মেনর িনয়ণ্ত্র্ণ
42 25th July, 2023 Dr. Prasenjit Biswas, Associate Professor, Department of History, B.G.C CASTE DYNAMICS AND POLITICS IN COLONIAL INDIA
41 14th July , 2023 Dr. Sanjit Kumar Das Associate Professor, Department of Commerce Detective Characters in Bengali Literature
40 27th June 2023 Dr. Shubhendu Dhara Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, BGC CO2 Fixation to Small Organic Molecules
39 13th June 2023 Dr. Masoom Hasan Ansari Faculty, Dept. Of Urdu Urdu Poetry in Twenty First Century Bengal
38 30th May 2023 Mr. Shirsendu Sarkar Assistant Professor, Physics [In-charge] Mueller imaging of blood cells”.
37 10th May 2023 Dr. Mita Howladar Assistant Professor Department of Education, Jadavpur University Assimilation of science , peace , values , meditation and mindfulness as a means of physical and mental well-being
36 2nd May 2023 Ms. Monisha Hembram, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography Solid Waste Management
35 17th January 2023 Sri Nilanjan Dutta Faculty, Department of Journalism and mass communication Biswa Sangbad o Sangbad Sanstha
34 26th November 2022 Shahzadi Faculty, Department of Urdu Afsana “Kafan” Ki roshni me Munshi Premchand ki afsana nigari”.
33 26th september 2022 Dr. Bani Bhattacharyya Associate Professor, Department of Sanskrit নবজাগরেণর পুেরাধা
32 21st September, 2022 Dr. Swagata Dey Faculty, Department of Electronic Science Current Trends in Photonic Devices: physics, characterization & realization
31 6th September 2022 Md. Taiyab Nuamani Faculty Faculty , Department of Urdu A Critical Analysis of Urdu literature in Bangladesh after 1971.
30 22nd July 2022 Dr. Santanu Chakraborty Assistant Professor, Economics COVID-19 & Sustenance : Micro foundations of Success
29 25th June 2022 Dr. Ushri Roy Assistant Professor, Botany Plant Strategy to survive
28 27th May 2022 Dr. Surajit Sengupta, Assistant Professor & In-charge DEPT. OF COMMERCE Financial Literacy in India
27 6th May 2022 Dr. Sukla Kisku Assistant Professor Department of English Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Revisiting the Bog Bodies through Heaney
26 7Th April 2022 Dr. Ranjabati Dey Faculty, Journalism and Mass Communication Radio popularization : The untold stories of women participation in Akashvani Kolkata
25 11th March 2022 Dr. Biswajit Panda Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry City College, Kolkata Happiness through the Eye of a Chemist
24 12TH FEBRUARY 2022 Sri Souvik Chakraborty Department of Physiology, Bhairab Ganguly College Tracking the course of Neurodegenerative disease – from in-silico gene expression analysis to in-silico drug repurposing and design.”.


21ST JANUARY 2022 Sri Jhantu Saha Department of Sociology, Bhairab Ganguly College Cultural lag.
22 24TH DECEMBER 2021 Dr.Masoom Hasan Ansari Dept. Of Urdu, Bhairab Ganguly College A critical study of “INDIANISM” in Urdu Ghazal.
21 3RD DECEMBER 2021 Smt. Arpita Roychowdhury Department of English ,Bhairab Ganguly College Rebel Tiger female: Opreesor or Opressed: A Look into Sri Lankan novelists Nayomi Minaweera and Nihal de Silva
20 12TH NOVEMBER 2021 Dr Neepa Banerjee Department ofNutrition , Bhairab Ganguly College Physical Exercise and Balanced Diet for Healthy Body and Mind
19 8TH OCTOBER 2021 Dr. Debabrata Bhadra Department of Physics, Bhairab Ganguly College Biological waste derived nanofibrous membranes for Water Treatment: Recent Advances and Developments
18 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 Dr. Subharthi Pal Department of Zoology, Bhairab Ganguly College Basics of Fish immunology and disease pathology
17 13TH AUGUST 2021 Sri Manidip Chakraborty Department of English, Bhairab Ganguly College TheHomeBecomingtheWorld: The Post-Lockdown Adjustments in the Academic World
16 23RD JULY 2021 Zakeeyah Shahnaz Political science, Bhairab Ganguly College Muslim women for reforms in Muslim minority states: cases from India and USA
15 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 SuklaKisku Department of English, Assistant Professor, BhairabGanguly College Who is Critic?
14 9TH DECEMBER  2019 Manidip Chakraborty Department of English, Assistant Professor, BhairabGanguly College Trolling: A Subversive Expression of Power
13 22TH NOVEMBER 2019 Tathagata Bhattacharyya Department of Zoology, Assistant Professor, BhairabGanguly College A valuable insect, an unusual host plant and a killer fungus
12 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 Sri Rezaul Islam Assistant Professor in Bengal A special talk on ‘j¢õL¡ ­pe…ç – Hl ­Q¡­M e¡l£ ­Qae¡’
11 1ST MARCH 2019 One day seminar on Food Mood, Food habit   Life Style : Its relation to oncology
10 7TH MAY 2018 Rupa Sanyal Show Professor, Part-Time Teacher in Botany A talk entitled ‘Learning by retrieving inherited knowledge of traditional practitioner on medicinal plants – is the any link to the discover of drug?
9 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017 Tapas Mukherjee, Associate Professor in Physics Vice- President J.P.Morgan Chase’s New Jersey, U.S.A Special talk entitled: ‘A simplistic description of modern collision process using quantum mechanical close coupling methods’
8 16TH AUGUST 2017 Sri Mitadru Dey Vice- President J.P.Morgan Chase’s New Jersey, U.S.A Career Guidance – Alternative Opportunities
7 13TH MAY 2017 Dr. Santanu Chakraborty Department of Economics, Assistant professor, Bhairab Ganguly College Credit & Livelihood: The Question of Inclusion
6   Sri Arnab Ghosal Department of Sanskrit, Assistant professor, Bhairab Ganguly College “Who am I?” (Ami ke : Vedanter drishtite ekta bichar)
5 17TH APRIL 2017 Dr. Rumdeep Kaur Grewal Department of Botany, Assistant professor, Bhairab Ganguly College How Brain Learns?
4 16TH APRIL 2017 Sanjuti Banerjee Professor, Contractual Whole Time Teacher in Botany Special talk entitled ‘Twins – not a miracle’
3 10TH APRIL 2017 Sri Sagar Das Department of Bengali, Assistant professor, Bhairab Ganguly College Swadhinota amar Swadhinota-1971
2 27TH MARCH 2017 Dr. Teesta Dey Department of Geography, CWTT, Bhairab Ganguly College Where are we going? A Tale of Transport Maladies in Kolkata
1 21TH FEBRUARY 2017 Dr. Masoom Hasan Ansari Department of Urdu, CWTT A Critical Study of Ghalib as a Poet
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