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Waste Management

Waste Management

Bhairab Ganguly College has undertaken the following measures for the management of waste:

Solid waste management:

Green coloured dustbins for the biodegradable products or wet products and blue for the non-biodegradable or dry products are placed at different strategic points in the college campus. The non-biodegradable wastes are collected and disposed through municipality vans as solid waste. 

Liquid waste management:

  • The liquid waste is managed through a rainwater harvesting project entitled “Megh Kalas”. The water collected from the rooftop is reused and connected through pipelines with the toilets of the college.

E-waste management:

  • The non-repairable items procured from electrical gadgets and computers are accumulated in a room and cleared twice a year by approved vendors and sold out to the Hardware companies.

Waste recycling system:

  • The college periodically disposes of the accumulated waste materials by transposing them in municipality vans.

Hazardous chemicals and radioactive waste management:

  • Live microbial wastes are killed by autoclaving before disposing as degradable waste. However, Bhairab Ganguly college does not use any radioactive waste. 

Use of coloured bins                                      

Megh Kalas : Liquid Waste Management                                      








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