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PG- Geography

Post Graduate Course: Department of Geography

The Department of Geography, Bhairab Ganguly College, was initiated as a General Course department in 1980 and after three years, it was elevated to Honours course. With more than twenty five years of experience as an Honours department, the faculty members of the department aspired for a Post-graduate course to extend the scope of education in Geography, as well as to create a scope of Geographical research in the department. West Bengal State University sanctioned the Post Graduate course in Geography in 2009.

The course is divided into four semesters of six months duration each. At the end of each semester, examination is held for that semester. The statement of marks is given by West Bengal State University.

The course comprises a number of assignments, project works and individual seminars. The medium of instruction and teaching is English.

At present one senior Associate Professor, three Assistant professors, one Contractual Wholetime Teacher (Govt. Approved) and one guest teacher are there in the department. Resource Persons from Calcutta University, Presidency University, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, and Delhi University   are invited to take either regular classes and to deliver special lectures. Moreover, holding of seminars and colloquiums  enrich the knowledge of the students. The orientation of the course has been arranged with an eye towards the development of Modern Geography as well as the changing state of the present world. The Post Graduate Course in Geography at Bhairab Ganguly College has thirty two seats altogether.

The Students

Our students hail from different parts of West Bengal, from North Bengal to the Sundarbans. Naturally, they come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Some of them are first generation degree seekers. We strongly encourage them to keep in touch with their soil as well as pursue higher studies for the attainment of their long cherished goal to complete Master’s degree and Research.

Present Faculty Position

Visiting Faculty/Resource Persons

Post-Graduate Department Of Geography
Sl No Name Designation Affiliation
  Dr. Sandipan Chakraborty Retired Associate Professor in Geography  Chandannagar Govt. college
1 Dr. Bhaskar Chaudhuri Associate Professor in Geography PG Department Of Geography, Bijoykrishna Girls College, Howrah
2 Dr. Biraj Kanti Mondal Assistant Professor in Geography Netaji Subhas Open University
3 Dr. Sayantan Das Assistant Professor in Geography Dumdum Motijheel College
4 Dr. Manidip Chakraborty Assistant Professor in English PG Department Of  English, Bhairab  Ganguly College
5 Dr. Rejaul Islam Assistant Professor  in Bengali Department Of Bengali, Bhairab Ganguly College
6  Bijon Krishna Mondal Sact-1 Department Of Computer Science, Bhairab Ganguly College

Facilities Available in the Department 

The Department offers the following facilities for the students:

  • Book lending facilities at the central library of the college.
  • Book lending facilities at the Seminar Library, Department of Geography.
  • Facilities for Internet Access (Wi-Fi).
  • Tutorial classes.
  • Student-Teacher interactive programme.
  • Wall Magazines and Monographs released by the Department.
  • Air-conditioned class rooms with audio visual teaching-aids.

Course Distribution, Semester wise





Semester-I 101 Geotectonics and Geomorphology

·         Geotectonics                                                                        

·         Concepts of Geomorphology                         

·         Process Geomorphology                          

·         Applied Geomorphology                          

102 Climatology

·         Concepts and Elements

·         Atmospheric Moisture and Instabilities

·         Trends of Global Climate

·         Applied climatology

103 Population and Settlement Geography

·         Population Characteristics

·         Mobility and Migration

·         Rural Settlement

·         Urban Settlement

104 Resource Appraisal and Management

·         Global Perspectives of Economic Resources

·         Environmental Resource Utilization

·         Environmental Resource Management –I

·         Environmental Resource Management –II

105 Statistical Method in Geography and Computer Application

·         Statistical Methods

·         Computer Application for Descriptive Statistics

Semester-II 201 Hydrology and Oceanography

·         Fundamentals of Hydrology

·         Surface Hydrology

·         Groundwater Hydrology

·         Oceanography:

202 Soil and Biogeography

·         Soil Environment and Processes of Profile Development

·         Soil Degradation and Management

·         Ecosystem and Ecology

·         Applied Biogeography:                          

203 Social and Cultural Geography

·         Concept of Social Geography

·         Issues Related to Rural and Urban Society

·         Cultural Perspectives and Issues:

·         Tribes in India

204 Historical and Political Geography

·         Historical Geography: History and Development

·         Political Geography: Concepts and Theories

·         International relationships of India:

·         Geo-political scenario in  India

205 Interpretation of Maps and Advanced Surveying

·         Interpretation of maps

·         Advanced surveying

Semester-III 301 Philosophy of Geography

·         Genesis of Geographical Thought

·         Paradigm shift in Geography

·         Geography of Inequality and Welfare

·         Changing Face of Geography

302 Research Methodology

·         Principles of Geographical Research

·         Methodology in Geographical Research

·         Presentation of Research and Report Writing

·         Advanced Statistics

303 Special Paper I (Theory )


·         Geomorphic Concepts

·         Coastal Geomorphology

·         Fluvial Geomorphology

·         Tropical Geomorphology


·         Social Environment: Concept & Issues

·         Resource and development

·         Welfare Issues:

·         Contemporary Issues of Change


·         Basic Concepts and Methods

·         Broad climatic zones, adaptation and climatic classification

·         Micro climate, modification of weather and climate

·         Impact of weather and climate


304 Map Projection and Quantitative Techniques

·         Map Projection

·         Quantitative Techniques

305 Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

·         Remote Sensing

·         Geographical Information System

Semester-IV 401 Geography of India

·         Regions of India

·         Resources

·         Population , technology and development

·         Geography of deltaic West Bengal

402 Geography of Environment and Development

·         Mans’ Adaptation to Environment

·         Environmental consequence of Developmental Activities

·         Environmental Education  and Sustainable Development

·         Environmental degradation and conservation

403 Special Paper – II (Theory)


·         Fundamentals of Applied Geomorphology

·         Geomorphologic Hazards and their management

·         Management of geomorphic problems

·         Studies of selected geomorphic landscape  units


·         Social Welfare: concept and issues

·         Crime & Social Welfare

·         Disaster Management and Mitigation

·         Social Well-being & quality of life in India


·         Climate Controls and Seasonal Character of Weather and Climate

·         Special weather events, weather hazards and disasters; Nature of occurrence, impact and their management:

·         Climatic and agro-climatic regions of West Bengal and India; Climate change scenario

·         Agro-climatic scenario of West Bengal

404 Special Paper II (Practical)


·  Geomorphologically Mapping  based on field study  

·  Generation of DEM from  SRTM data, generation of  long and cross profile of rivers

·   Study of fluvial and   coastal forms based on field observation and satellite images 

·   Calculation of velocity and discharge of a Channel, computation  of hydraulic Geometry from field data                                                                    

·    Analysis of pebbles  and sediments ,shape indices textual analysis by sieving

·    Laboratory Note-book & Viva-voce


·         Status of living— A Quantitative Approach

·         Application of GIS in Human Geography

·         Techniques of Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis  Focused Group Discussion, Case Study

·         Viva –voce on Lab Note Book


·         Analysis of Weather Data

·         Principles and use of meteorological instruments

·         Observation of meteorological instruments and recording of data

·         Analysis of Indian Daily Weather Report (IDWR) and Forecasting of Weather                                                                                                

·         Laboratory Note-book & Viva-voce


405 Group A: Dissertation (35) 50
  Group B: Group Project / Field Report  (15)  

Course Feature

Class Hour 11.00a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Five Days Week
Course Curriculum Own syllabus approved by the Board of Studies following the Guidelines of WBSU and NET.
Specialization Advanced Geomorphology, Social Environment And Welfare Geography, Applied Climatology,(to choose any one special paper)
Course Duration 4 Semesters completed in 2 years.

Semester 1: July to December

Semester 2: January to June

Semester 3: July to December

Semester 4: January to June

Teaching Methods Interactive class room teaching with audio-visual facilities, seminar presentation and project guidance.
Internal Assessment Continuous internal assessment based on class participation, seminar presentation, assignments and Written tests.
Course Fees Rs. 60,000/-(Payable in 4 instalments; Rs.20,000(1st Sem), Rs. 10,000(2nd Sem), Rs. 20000(3rd Sem), Rs. 10000(4th Sem)
Eligibility for Applications Honours Graduate with 50% marks in Geography; Candidates who have passed with honours, 2016 onwards, with 50% marks, are eligible; Admission will be strictly on merit basis.

Job prospect of students with any one of the following special papers 

Special Papers (Semester – IV)

Job Prospect of Advanced Geomorphology:

       As geomorphologies, the students are trained and skilled in studying land forms and predicting their future changes through field observation, physical experiments and numerical modelling. The training has many environmental applications, including measuring the effects of climate change and assessing natural hazards, such as landslide prediction and mitigation, river control and restoration, and coastal protection. It also involves the application of modern techniques like remote sensing and GIS. While pursuing geomorphology as a specialized subject, the conventional job prospects include teaching in school, college and university level, working as a consultant in different organizations which deal with environment-related matter, working in GIS industry, government services etc.

Job Prospect of Social Environment and Welfare Geography:

       Job and research opportunities in Social welfare departments of government and IMGOs/ Higher study and job in Remote Sensing / Municipal Service Commission / Defence Sector with application of GIS/ Research and study in the Institute of Development Studies / National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization etc. 

Job Prospect of Applied Climatology:

       Master Geographers with Meteorology, Climatology or Applied Climatology as specialization enjoy similar advantages or entry in school service, College service and services in NATMO and Survey of India, Govt. of India and other research organizations, but unlike any other specialization they have specific scope of entry into West Bengal Government Services as Agricultural Meteorologist and Assistant Agricultural Meteorologist in Agriculture Department and Meteorologist and Senior Meteorologist in Water Resource Investigation and Development (Formerly Minor Irrigation Department) as well as Foreign Research Scholarship through agricultural meteorology departments of different universities

Former and present faculty members on the dais during the Seminar on Contemporary Research in Geography, 2016
Geomorphology field-work
P.G. Computer Laboratory
Students in front of the “Megh Kalas”
Students in front of the P.G Section, Department of Geography
Students in the P.G. Seminar Library
Teacher demonstrating instruments in the Meteorological Observatory
The P.G. Seminar Library
The students
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PG students attending class of Smt. Monisha Hembram
PG students attending class of Smt. Madhumita Mondal
PG students attending class of Dr. Shrinwantu Raha
PG students attending practical class of Smt. Priyanka Dasgupta
PG students attending practical class of Sri. Bikash Ghosh
PG students attending class of Smt. Monisha Hembram
PG students attending class of Smt. Madhumita Mondal
PG students attending class of Dr. Shrinwantu Raha
PG students attending practical class of Smt.Priyanka Dasgupta
Present faculty and non- teaching members of Geography Department
UG and PG farewell programme organised by Department of Geography
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