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E-Contents- Botany

E-Contents for Botany

Details of Online Classes

Sl No Topics Get Notes 
1 Bentham & Hooker [.pptx] Click here
2 Biometrics 1 [.pptx] Click here
3 Biometrics 1 [.pdf] Click here
4 Botanical Garden Click here
5 Engler & Prantl Click here
6 Herbarium-eflora Click here
7 Names of Hybrid ICN Click here
8 Plant Adaptation Biotic Interaction Click here
9 Taxonomic Evidence Molecular Click here
10 Taxonomic Evidence Cytology Click here
11 Taxonomic Evidence Palynology Click here
12 Taxonomic Evidence Phytochemistry Click here
13 Taxonomist contributions Click here


Sl No Topics Get Notes 
1 Biogeochemical Cycle Click here
2 Functional Aspect of Ecosystem UNIT- 9  Click here
3 Phytogeography Unit 10 Click here


Sl No Topics Get Notes 
1 Operational Taxonomic Units and Characters Click here
2 Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG) system Click here
3 Assignment 1-2 Click here
4 Character Weighting and Coding Click here
5 Character Variation Click here
6 Effective Publication Click here
7 Evolution Angiosperms Click here
8 Origin-Angiosperms Click here





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