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Dr Rituparna Ghosh (Banik)

  • Designation: SACT-I
  • Department: Physiology
  • Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.
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  • Area of Specialization: Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology

Research Interest:

With a formal training in male reproductive endocrinology, gradually developed a keen interest towards male reproductive health and the debilitating effect of environmental pollutants on it. Studied the role of oxidative stress and free radicals involved therein. Presently interested in delineating the molecular biology of sperm damage and elucidation of the role of phytochemicals and natural antioxidants as effective remedies.

Teaching Experience:

10 years


1. Received award under the National Scholarship Scheme of Government of India on the result of B.Sc. (Hons.) Physiology examination held by Calcutta University in 2002.

2. Won Medal Award on the basis of merit to the Post Graduate Students of Physiology for participating in the poster competition session in UGC sponsored 14th Annual Conference of the Physiological Society of India 2002.

3. Received ‘Prasanta Kumar Ghosh Memorial Scholarship’ for the academic session 2003-2004 for securing highest marks in B.Sc. (Hons.) amongst the admitted M.Sc. students in Physiology under University of Calcutta.

4. Received “Prof. B.B. Sarkar Memorial Research Prize, 2007” of Physiological Society of Indiafor the best paper publication entitled “Effects of Vanadate on Male Rat Reproductive Tract Histology, Oxidative Stress Markers and Androgenic Enzyme Activities, J Inorg Biochem, 101(6), 944-956”

Professional Membership:

Physiological Society of India (Life Member)> <

Important Publication:

Research Paper Publications in Journal: 

1. ChandraAK, Ghosh R, Chatterjee A, Sarkar M, (2007)Effects of Vanadate on Male Rat Reproductive Tract Histology, Oxidative Stress Markers and Androgenic Enzyme Activities. J Inorg Biochem, 101(6), 944-956

2. ChandraAK, Ghosh R, Chatterjee A, Sarkar M, (2007) Vanadium -Induced Testicular Toxicity and its Prevention by Oral Supplementation of Zinc sulphate. Toxicol Mech Method, 17(4), 175-187

3. ChandraAK, Ghosh R, Chatterjee A, Sarkar M, (2007). Amelioration of vanadium induced testicular toxicity and adrenocortical hyperactivity by vitamin E acetate in rats. Mol Cell Biochem, 306(1-2), 189-200

4. ChandraAK, Chatterjee A, Ghosh R, Sarkar M, (2007) Effect of Curcumin on Chromium Induced Oxidative Damage in Male Reproductive System, Environ Toxicol Pharmacol, 24(2), 160-166.

5. ChandraAK, Chatterjee A, Ghosh R, Sarkar M, Chaube SK (2007).Chromium Induced Testicular Impairment in Relation to Adrenocortical Activities in Adult Albino Rats. Reprod Toxicol, 24(3-4), 388-396  

6. ChandraAK, Chatterjee A, Ghosh R, Sarkar M, (2010) Vitamin E supplementation protect chromium (VI) induced spermatogenic and steriodogenic disorders in rat testicular tissues, Food Chem Toxicol, 48, 972–979

7. ChandraAK, Ghosh R, Chatterjee A, Sarkar M, (2010) Protection against vanadium-induced testicular toxicity by testosterone propionate in rats. Toxicol Mech Method, 20( 6), 306-315

8. Ghosh R and Roy Rini, (2014)Vanadium induces ROS and associated testicular toxicity in male Wistar rats, Journal of Environment and Sociobiology 11(1), 101-109.

Book and Book Chapters:

1. Ghosh R, Das A, Bandyopadhyay A, Majumder R, Banik SP (2020) Vanadium Toxicity Revisited: Striking the Right Balance between Potential New Generation Therapeutics and Adverse Side Effects, In Bagchi D, Bagchi M. Metal Toxicology Handbook, CRC Press pp 323-343.

2. Banik SP, Bhattacharyya M, Ghosh R, Majumder R (2020) Glycation-induced protein aggregation and cellular toxicity: an insight into the disease realm of high dietary sugar intake, In. Preuss HG, Bagchi D. Dietary Sugar, Salt and Fat in Human Health, Academic Press, pp 251-275,

3. Ghosh R, Banik SP (2016) Dual Effects of Vanadium: Toxicity Analysis in Developing Therapeutic Lead-Ups. Food Toxicology In. Bagchi D, Swaroop A & Stohs SJ pp 337–354. CRC Press.


1. Ghosh R, Chatterjee A, Sarkar M, ChandraAK (2007) Effect of testosterone replacement therapy on spermatogenic cell populations after vanadium exposure in adult rat. International conference on Frontier Researches in Integrative Physiology (ICFRIP), Kolkata, 8-10 January, 2007

2. Ghosh R, Chatterjee A, Sarkar M, ChandraAK (2006). Vanadium induced alteration in morphological and functional status of testis. 13th West Bengal State Science & Technology Congress, Kolkata , 28th February-1st March, 2006

3. Ghosh R, Sarkar M, ChandraAK (2006) Vanadium induced alteration in adrenocortical activities with possible mechanism. 93rd Indian Science Congress, Hyderabad, 3-7 January, 2006

4. Ghosh R, ChandraAK (2005) Stress induced alterations in testicular activities under vanadium exposure. XXVI Annual Conference of Indian Association of biomedical Scientists, Kolkata, 25-27 November, 2005

Research Projects:

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Total Sanction amount

University Grants Commission (Eastern Regional Office)

  1. F. PSW- 196/11-12
  2. dated 25.01.2012

A comparison of the ameliorating effect of natural antioxidants from turmeric, grapes and tea against vanadium induced testicular toxicity




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