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Dr. Mrs. Rumdeep Kaur Grewal

  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Department: Botany
  • Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.
  • Contact No:
  • Email:
  • Area of Specialization: Cytogenetics

Research Interest:

1. Plant-microbe interaction 2. Transcriptomic regulation of plant stress response associated genes

Teaching Experience:

4 years


Professional Membership:

Biology Board MERLOT> <

Important Publication:

Research Paper Publications in Journal:

1. Grewal,R.K., S Saraf, A Deb, S Kundu (2018); Differentially expressed microRNAs link cellular physiology to phenotypic changes in rice under stress conditions . Plant and Cell Physiology 59 (10), Scopus indexed, ISSN:1471-9053,DOI:10.1093/pcp/pcy136, Page:2143-2154 October 2018.

2. A Deb, Grewal,R.K.,, S Kundu (2016); Regulatory cross-talks and cascades in rice hormone biosynthesis pathways contribute to stress signaling. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, Scopus indexed, ISSN:1664-462X,DOI:10.3389/fpls.2016.01303,Page:1303, August 2016.

3. Grewal,R.K.,and Sampa Das (2013); Microarray data analysis: Gaining biological insights . Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 6. Pubmed and PubMed Central indexed, ISSN: 1937-6871,DOI:10.4236/jbise.2013.610124, Page: 996-1005, October 2013

4. Grewal,R.K.,, Sumanti Gupta, and Sampa Das (2012); Xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae triggers immediate transcriptomic modulations in rice. BMC Genomics ,13:49. Scopus indexed, ISSN: 1471-2164,DOI:10.1186/1471-2164-13-49, January 2012.

5. Sumanti Gupta, Dipankar Chakraborti, Grewal,R.K.,, Debabrata Basu, and Das S (2009); A molecular insight into the early events of chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L.) and Fusarium oxysporum f.sp ciceri (Race 1) interaction through cDNA-AFLP analyses. Phytopathology , 99,11. Scopus indexed, ISSN: 0031-949X,DOI:10.1094/PHYTO-99-11-1245, Page:1245-1257, November 2009.

6. Grewal R.K., Chatterjee M, Das S. (2013); Looking at plant pathogen interaction in post genomic-proteomic era. Petals 1(2).ISSN: 2321-5070, Page: 47-57, September 2013.

7. Sampa Das, Sumanti Gupta, Grewal,R.K.,(2013); Looking at plant innate immunity in Genomic era. Journal of Mycopathological Research 51(2). UGC-CARE Indexed, ISSN: 0971-3719, Page: 195-205,July 2013.

Conference Publication:

1. Rumdeep K. Grewal (2020), Integrating genomic sequence data into microbial taxonomy. International Conference on Algae, Fungi and Plants: Systematics to Application, Kolkata.

2. Rumdeep K. Grewal , S Saraf, A Deb and S Kundu (2019), MicroRNA-394 Regulates Auxin signaling during sulphur deficiency to initiate root hair growth. International Conference on Biotechnology & Biological Sciences, Kolkata.

3. Rumdeep K. Grewal , Arindam Deb and Sudip Kundu (2017), Cross-talk among Hormone Biosynthesis Pathways Modulate Stress Signaling in Rice leaf. International Symposium on Insight to Plant Biology in the modern era, Kolkata.

4. Rumdeep K. Grewal (2017), MicroRNA-394 Regulates Auxin signaling during iron deficiency to initiate root hair growth. National Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Sciences, Kolkata.

5. Rumdeep Kaur Grewal, B. Saha, M. Chatterjee and Sampa Das(2010), Role of early defence responses in the fate of plant-microbe interaction. XXXIV All India Cell biology Conference, Kolkata.

Research Projects:

Associated with the Project: Cis-regulatory elements mediated transcriptional regulation of rice metabolism, Department of Biopysics, Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Calcutta.

Special Achievements:

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