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Notice Board Details

Tender Notice- Department of Physics

[Ref. No. CBCS/Sem-I/PhysBGC-01 Date: 13.03.18]


Sealed quotations are invited for the procurement of following items under Equipment of Department of Physics by 02.00 PM of 28.03.2018 at the following address: The Head, Department of Physics, Bhairab Ganguly College.

Sr. No. Description of item with specification Quantity
1. To study the random error in observations of time period of some oscillation using chronometer. 1
2. To determine g and velocity for a freely falling body using Digital Timing Technique 1
3. To determine the height of a building using a Sextant. 1
4. To determine the elastic Constants of a wire by Searle’s method. 1
5. To determine the value of g using Bar Pendulum. 1
6. To determine the value of g using Kater’s Pendulum. 1
7. To study the Motion of Spring and calculate, (a) Spring constant, (b) g and (c) Modulus of rigidity. 1


The sealed tenders must be submitted in the Office of the HoD on or before due date & time as mentioned above in the office of the undersigned, in the presence of bidder’s authorized representatives.


  1. Bid Price:

(a) The contract shall be for the full quantity as described above. Corrections, if any, shall be made by crossing out, initialing, dating and rewriting.

(b) All duties, taxes and other levies payable by the suppliers under the contract shall be included in the total price.

(c) The rates quoted by the bidder shall be fixed for the duration of the contract and shall not be subject to adjustment on any account.

(d) Each bidder shall submit only one quotation.

  1. Validity of Quotation:

Quotation shall remain valid for a period not less than 120 days after the deadline date specified for submission.

  1. Evaluation of Quotations:

(a) The purchaser will evaluate and compare the quotations determined to be substantially responsive, i.e., which

(i) are properly signed; and

(ii) conform to the terms and conditions, and specifications.

(b) The Quotations would be evaluated separately for each item.                                                                                                                                   

Dr. S. K. Das
Vice Principal

Dr. D. Bhadra








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