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Notice Board Details

Notice inviting quotation from authorized suppliers with necessary business documents.

Department of Chemistry

[Tender  No.-1175 Date- 17.04.2017]

Sealed quotations for the below mentioned articles are invited from authorized suppliers with necessary business documents. Quotations are to be submitted to the Principal’s office within 24.04.2017.

List of apparatus

Sl.No. Item No. of Pc. Specification
Capacity Make Item code
1. Burette 24 50ml Borosil 2122012
2. Beaker 12 150ml Borosil 1000D18
3. Beaker 36 250ml Borosil 1000D21
4. Graduated Cylinder 6 100ml Borosil 3022106
5. Graduated Cylinder 10 10ml Borosil 3022006
6. Volumetric flask 6 250ml Borosil 5641021
7. Volumetric flask 6 500ml Borosil 5641024
8. Volumetric flask 4 1l Borosil 5641029
9. Funnel 24 Borosil 6140057
10. Glass dropper with tube 12
11. Stoppered glass bottle 24 250ml
12. Burette stand with clamp (Plastic) 12
13. Burette clamp (Metal, anchor type) 12
14. Wire mesh 24
15. Volumetric stopper 24 19/20 Borosil 8300019

List of chemicals 

Sl. No. Name of Chemical Amount Specification
1. Sn Granules 250gm Nice LR Grade
2. Disodium hydrogen phosphate 500gm Nice LR Grade
3. Lead dioxide 100gm Nice LR Grade
4. Sodium thiosulphate 500gm Nice LR Grade
5. Potassium bisulphate 100gm Nice LR Grade
6. Ammonium carbonate 500gm Nice LR Grade
7. Ferrous sulphate 500gm Nice LR Grade
8. Ammonium bifluoride 100gm Nice LR Grade
9. Potassium nitrate 500gm Nice LR Grade
10. Sulphur dust 50gm Nice LR Grade
11. Sodium hydroxide bead 500gm Nice LR Grade
12. Sodium bismuthate 10gm Nice LR Grade
13. Ammonium oxalate 100gm Nice LR Grade
14. Alpha naphthylamine 100gm Nice LR Grade
15. Potassium permanganate 500gm Nice LR Grade
16. Sodium carbonate 500gm Nice LR Grade
17. Potassium iodide 500gm Nice LR Grade
18. Sodium peroxide 100gm Nice LR Grade
19. Yellow ammonium sulphide 100gm Nice LR Grade
20. Potassium hydroxide 250gm Nice LR Grade
21. Lead acetate 250gm Nice LR Grade
22. Ammonium acetate 250gm Nice LR Grade
23. Sodium sulphide 250gm Nice LR Grade
24. Silver nitrate 25gm Nice LR Grade
25. Nessler’s reagent 100ml Nice LR Grade
26. Hydrochloric acid 2.5l Nice LR Grade
27. Nitric acid 2.5l Nice LR Grade
28. Methanol 2.5l Nice LR Grade




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